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We humans are a versatile and innovative lot. With no end in sight to the lockdown, we have all been looking at ways to help the needy as well as prepare for the return to work properly when the time comes. I have been very impressed with the way some of my colleagues in the world of fine art and antique auctions have adapted their practices to keep going – one even conducted a major auction live online from his dining room table.

It is also clear to me that when we do all get back to normal, some of the innovations we have been hesitating over for a while now will be quickly adopted as they have been tested under duress and found to be more than workable.

A common theme during lockdown has been the charity auction in aid of the NHS. I have no idea how much money will be raised to support nurses and doctors as they fight on the front line, but I’m sure you will join me in wishing them all the best and perhaps dipping into your pockets to bid for this great cause. As my own circumstances prevent me from arranging an auction of this type myself, I intend to add my bids to the efforts of others.