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Recently I started writing about how to bid online. Here are the next steps.

If you are going to be bidding live online, with an auctioneer acknowledging the bids in the saleroom, log on in plenty of time, whether through the bidding platform or the auction house’s own bidding service. Make sure you have the sound switched on. In many cases you will actually be able to see the auctioneer on screen.

You should already be aware of the terms and conditions regarding collection and delivery, as well as the buyer’s premium – the fee you will pay on top of the hammer price. Having considered all of this, you should set yourself a maximum bid for the lot or lots you want and stick to it.

When the auction starts, the current bid for the lot being sold at that moment will appear on screen and, below it or next to it, the asking price for the next bid. Below that you will see a button that allows you to make a bid and, to the right a list of lots coming up.

Because you are registered, any bid you make that is accepted will automatically be identified as coming from you. However, because you are bidding online, your identity will not be revealed to anyone but the auctioneer.

If you want to try before you buy, log on and watch an auction first. You can do this without having to register to bid.