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As Corporal Jones used to say in Dad’s Army: “Don’t panic!”

Yes, we are going through tough times and the challenges people face are not to be dismissed lightly, if at all. I’m sure we all know people who have suffered in one way or another and we should spare a moment to think about them on a regular basis.

It’s also important to remain positive, though, as this is the best way of helping other people. One of the most important things to remember is that it is when times are at their most challenging that we tend to be the most creative, especially when it comes to problem solving.

I have been noticing this recently in the wonderful world of art and antiques, where auctioneers and dealers alike face mounting issues not just from cross-border trade with the European Union, but also from fast encroaching new legislation that seems aimed at restricting most things we do.

Stepping into the breach have been a series of new technology companies who, having spotted a gap in the market, have been developing systems to help art market professionals communicate better with potential customers so that they get what they want, as well as smoothing the path towards compliance.

We all came into what is, after all, the original recycling business so that we could make a reasonable to good living handling beautiful objects. The more mature among us may be more traditional in our approach, but we should welcome the new, like this, if it helps us stay on track and spend more time doing what we love rather than tackling seemingly insurmountable problems. Bring on the tech!