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It’s not often that something comes up for auction that is so outstanding and iconic that it stays in the memory forever, but something popped up in my InBox today that fitted the bill exactly: the world’s oldest Porsche sports car.

What a magnificent piece of design!

Dating to 1939, the Type 64 is the only model left from the three designed and built by Ferdinand Porsche. A compact coupé intended for road racing, its chief objective was to embody the might and pride of German engineering on the trip from Berlin to Rome. Its sleek lines and aerodynamic form were absolutely of their time, a fitting focus for a backdrop of Art Deco architecture, even if the engine itself was no more than the one fitted to the original VW Beetle.

Its provenance also helps when it comes to appeal and price; from Porsche himself, in 1948 the car passed into the hands of racing driver Otto Mathé before passing on to only two more owners in its 80-year history. Today it is considered the most historically important of all Porsche cars in existence.

So what is it expected to sell for when it comes up for sale in August in the United States?

A cool $20 million. It’s going to be an exciting day on the rostrum.