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This is the final set of predictions for 2022 from Antiques Roadshow expert Mark Hill, written in partnership with the CEO of the company he now works with, Ronati.

They continue like this:

The market will look inward if international shipping remains a serious challenge. This means that dealers will look for new collecting fields and opportunities to market items that have so far been overlooked or neglected. We could see a significant expansion of British Folk Art as a result.

Creativity. The greater the challenge, the more inventive and ingenious people tend to be in finding a way around it. After two years of frustration, we should be ready for a mini Renaissance in terms of cultural and business creativity. This could mean rapid progress in developing technology and marketing within the art and antiques market. All of this adds up to widespread opportunity.

I have found these predictions – set out over the past three weeks – fascinating and very much in tune with the way I see things. To quote Stacey Tiveron, Ronati’s CEO, whatever the technological and marketing developments the following remains true:

“Essentially, we are potentially entering an era of unprecedented opportunity for those with the right mindset,” says Stacey Tiveron. “This does not mean a change in values – expertise, knowledge, quality and striving for the best will always be key to success – but we have to open our eyes to new activity that may not even appear to be part of the market at first but could turn out to be the next big thing in it.”

Expertise and customer service are at the heart of business success in the auction industry, never more evident, I hope, than in our special valuation days, which launch again in the new year.