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A week on from when things started to get really serious in the UK, a number of auctioneers who were on tenterhooks have now mopped the anxious sweat from their brow – for the time being at least.

Why? Because, like me, in the past few days they have held long planned sales that could well have tanked. Instead, an extraordinary thing happened. Bidders logged on from all over the world – including from countries like Italy and China where lockdown has been in place for a while.

I’m not saying everything sold, but a lot more than we could have hoped for did, and the  better quality items sold well. Some jewellery went for multiple-estimate prices and one auction house even set a record for a particular type of ceramic.

So what’s happening here?

It would seem that those without money worries who now have few outlets to express themselves have taken a greater interest in our world and reacted accordingly. This is not just good news for me; it is good news for those who work with me and it is good news for you too. Why? Because it shows that even in our darkest hour, we can find a way to keep going.

Who knows what will happen in the next week and months? But one thing is certain: the resilience and inventiveness of human nature is a marvel to behold.