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The more I read the set of predictions for the art and antiques market in 2022 and beyond from Antiques Roadshow expert Mark Hill, written in partnership with the CEO of the company he now works with, Ronati, the more I find I agree with them, especially as they tackle the new post-pandemic reality head on in the most constructive way.

Here is there next set of predictions:

More younger dealers will appear on the scene. They may not know it yet, but they will be part of the art market. Generation Z has grown up trading clothes and sneakers/trainers via sites like De-Pop and is already confident in packing and shipping goods off to customers. An increasing number will seek out revenue-generating opportunities trading in jewellery, clothing, musical instruments, vinyl, designer brands and other topical collectables via dedicated sites like Xupes, Cudoni, Hardly Ever Worn It, Discogs, Etsy and StockX. Mainstream art and antiques market actors will do well to take heed and see how they can tap into this burgeoning area of trade.

More luxury brands will start to trade in sought-after collectables from their pre-owned ranges as they realise the revenue stream for this is currently going elsewhere. Look out for areas dedicated to the rare, curated and pre-loved on their main commercial websites. Stella McCartney, Burberry and now Gucci have already tapped into this market, the latter partnering with TheRealReal.

Continued next week