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So after the best part of two months, we are firing on all cylinders again and it’s wonderful to be back in the driving seat, albeit in a very different world.

As with every other walk of life now, day-to-day activity at auctions has changed dramatically, and I suspect that many of these changes will remain for the long term.

The good side is that the rate at which buyers are prepared to migrate to bid online has accelerated to the point that in terms of progress we have leapt forward around five years.

This will keep people safe, reduce the carbon footprint of saleroom visits and bring auction houses and those consigning goods to them a far wider audience than ever before.

The not-so-good side is that fewer people are likely to come and inspect goods in person, or enjoy the live drama of an auction in progress as they sit before the rostrum. It has to be safety first, of course, and that will dictate the access and movement of visitors and staff around the premises.

As history has shown us, auction rooms are extremely adept at adapting to survive and thrive. We’re back and we will be looking to bring our clients a better service than ever. I only hope businesses in other sectors have the same will and ability to make a strong comeback too.