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Only last week, I explained how timing can be everything when it comes to auctions. In that instance, I was writing about Roger Federer’s decision to sell 20 lots of his Grand Slam match-worn clothing and racquets to raise funds for his charitable foundation, and to do so to coincide with Wimbledon.

No sooner had Roger bowed out of the tournament in the fourth round than another tale of perfect timing arose. HUGS, a charity shop in Bath, found itself in possession of a selection of memorabilia from the 1966 World Cup, including a copy of the official programme for the legendary final between West German and England at Wembley, as well as semi-final and final ticket stubs.

Naturally, with England reaching the finals of the Euros on July 11 this year – our national team’s greatest achievement since Geoff Hurst slotted home the winning goal 55 years ago – this seemed the perfect moment to put these treasures up for auction.

How do you price such things? Well the charity shop put up a starting bid of £200. That seems a reasonable sum when compared to past auction prices and what eBay has to offer, especially when taking condition into consideration.

Whatever they raise, however, anyone going to Wembley for the Euros final would be well advised to preserve their programmes and ticket stubs in as immaculate a condition as they can – especially if England win (I write this before the match) – as they will be collectors’ items immediately.